Solar Panels Installation Cambridge

Solar Panels supply and installation in Cambridge


Solar Panels Installation Cambridge


Solar Panels installation Cambridge

Your solar panel system will be designed specifically to meet your needs. A member of our team will visit to assess your requirements and subsequently provide a free quotation.  

The electricity you generate can be used to power your home (hot water, heating, power, electric charging point for your vehicle), lighting or your business. Panels can be installed on the roof space where suitable or on the ground (subject to planning permission). Most home roof installations do not require planning unless you are in a conservation area or are a listed building.

Battery storage is now available to make the most of the electricity you generate. It can then be used after sunset and it is also possible to sell ‘spare’ electricity back to the National Grid, subject to agreements.  

We will be pleased to advise on the best system for you, whether you are a domestic or commercial customer.

So you want to lower your electricity bill?

Solar panel installers in Cambridge want to help you lower your electricity bill and take charge of it. Therefore, Our feasibility studies not only look at how much electricity you use now, but also at how much it will cost in the future.

We only install solar panels that have been very reliable in the past, as well as solar battery storage systems that can send any extra power from your solar panels to your water heater, space heater, storage battery, or electric vehicle.

Our solar panel solutions include rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted systems and battery storage.


Solar panel installation Cambridge

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Cambridge Solar Panel Installers | Commercial & Domestic Solar PV Installation Specialists

Solar Panel Installers Cambridge are experts at putting in your high-quality PV panels that have been reliable in the past. Moreover, our teams have set up projects in both homes and businesses.

When our teams come to install your solar PV panels, you’ll see right away that we’ve made preparations. Moreover, they have worked together for a long time, and they are set up to be as effective as possible. Therefore, if you look at them, you’ll know right away that you’re in good hands. Thus, our solar PV panel installers have been doing this for a long time, so they have seen almost every possible configuration and know how to help.

You can rest easy knowing that all of the solar panel installations we do are fully covered by insurance.

Solar Panel Installers Cambridge makes sure that our solar technicians have the most important skills for doing a good job of installing solar panels. They do this by making sure they have the right experience and training. Therefore, they will know how to use technology and be able to pay attention to the little things.

They will know everything there is to know about electrical systems and be willing and able to solve unusual problems that sometimes come up during an installation.




Save money and become energy independent using the power of the sun. Our company is specialising in residential Solar Panels (PV) installation
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We also install solar panels for commercial buildings and offices. Your energy strategy is the key component when it comes to reducing utility costs, meeting sustainability goals, and improving the bottom line of your business.
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You may dramatically lower your electricity bills and have access to stored energy when you need it, even during a power outage, with battery backup for your house or company. That is what we refer to as Energy Peace of Mind.
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heat pump

The fundamental benefit of air source boilers and heat pumps is that they protect households from changes in energy prices. Moreover, heat pumps also use the environment to generate hot water for your home.
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Ask yourself, “What do you want your solar panels to do for you?”

This might seem like something you’ll find out after they’re put in, but it’s something you should think about before they’re put in. When we first asked Solar Panel Installers Cambridge customers why they wanted solar panels, they had a wide range of answers. For example, they wanted to charge their electric car with solar panel electricity, they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, they wanted to be less dependent on grid electricity, and so on.

Therefore, no matter why you want to install your own solar power system, you can be sure that when you contact us, the design and installation will not only fit your current needs but will also, in most cases, be able to meet your future needs. This will happen because we ask the important questions, sometimes ones you hadn’t thought of.

Solar Storage Battery Installation

Even though installing solar PV panels and a solar storage battery may seem like a big investment, the benefits far outweigh the upfront costs.

Solar storage batteries let you store energy from the sun so you can use it at night or when it’s cloudy. This makes you less reliant on the National Grid.

Installing solar storage batteries is a good idea. They can help you save money on energy costs and make sure you never run out of power again. However, it’s important to make sure that the solar storage battery you choose for your home is the right size. If you worry about running out of power when the power goes out, a solar storage battery is the perfect solution.

Solar panel installers in Cambridge will make sure that the size of your solar storage battery and solar PV array is right for how much electricity you use right now.

We’ll also talk with you about any plans you may have for the future, like adding on to your house, buying an electric car, putting in a hot tub, etc., or having a bigger family. 

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The Ultimate Solar Panel Buyers Guide!

In this FREE Downloadable Guide, you will get valuable tips regarding:
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  • ZHow to identify the best local installers in your area
  • Z Qualifying for tax incentives and rebate opportunities
  • ZWhere to find additional solar resources

Solar Panels Cambridge is approved by RECC & Quality scheme

Our company is fully accredited by the https://www.recc.org.uk/scheme

& Quality scheme https://mcscertified.com/ 




We stand by our residential solar panels installations – 100% That’s why we are able to offer unmatched, industry-leading quality of work. Do not hesitate to contact us.



With a commercial solar system, you will not only save money each month, but you will also ensure that your organisation is ready to respond in real time to changing price signals and time-based rates.


Solar Panels installation

Solar Panels Cambridge Company provides energy-efficient residential roof solutions to safeguard your home and save energy consumption. We provide exceptional roof installations for customers in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, whether you are going to add solar and want to ensure that your foundation will last as long as your solar system.

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The energy partner you can trust. We are proud to be a top-rated solar panel installer with 5-star customer reviews. Along with certifications and accreditations under our belt. When it comes to choosing a trusted energy partner, we are the #1 choice.

Solar Panels Cambridge

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