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Solar Panels Cambridge Company

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Our company specialises in the design, supply, installation of renewable systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Renewable Energy Installation Company Cambridge

Our company specialises in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of renewable systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Transform your home or office with renewable energy, save on your bills.

Our commitment is to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers, regardless of the size of the job. Therefore, we strive to deliver an exceptional service throughout the entire process, setting industry standards. Moreover, our carefully selected installers possess current qualifications to guarantee the proper installation and registration of systems, making our customers eligible for any available incentives. Thus, our professionalism and dedication to customer service have led to the success of our business, with thousands of satisfied customers.


Solar Panels Cambridge Company

Being a local company, the majority of our business relies on referrals and recommendations. Because of this, our team puts in relentless effort to ensure the constant satisfaction of our customers and keep them well-informed throughout the entire installation process. Moreover, our customer service is unparalleled, providing assistance at every step, including the registration of the system with their energy provider.

Solar Panels Cambridge Company installations

We specialise in the installation of solar panels, battery storage, and electric car charging points from top brands. Therefore, as an independent installer, we always customize our solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Moreover, the convergence of these technologies allows us to design a comprehensive solution that enables you to power your car using solar energy, create a more environmentally sustainable property, and reduce your energy bills. Surprisingly, only 3.3% of UK homes currently utilize solar panels, yet the UK ranks as the third largest country in the EU for solar usage. Therefore, by choosing solar energy, you can actively contribute to a more sustainable future for the UK.

Not only is solar energy environmentally friendly, but it also proves to be a wise financial investment. Moreover, with electricity prices projected to rise, investing in solar now can significantly lower your annual utility bills and provide long-term savings.


By choosing our services, you can embark on a sustainable energy journey while enjoying the benefits of lower costs and greater energy independence.

Contact us to discuss solar panels and solar storage battery installation, EV chargers, subfloor ventilation, solar water heating, air source heat pumps.

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Our Company takes care of design, supply, installation renewable systems for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Energy Experts. Real Relationships. Honest Talk.

Since our establishment, we have worked hard to become – and stay – the industry leader in renewable energy, solar panels installation. We have earned many satisfied customers and built a great team of reliable experts. 

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Solar Panels Cambridge Process


Here’s a breakdown of our process:

1. Free Consultation: We believe that commissioning a solar panel installation should be entrusted to professionals. Therefore, to kickstart the process, we conduct a detailed one-on-one meeting, where we get to understand your needs, expectations, and how solar fits into your lifestyle. Once we have a clear understanding, we proceed to the next phase, which is a free site survey.

2. Free Site Survey: Secondly, our team performs a comprehensive and obligation-free site survey to assess the suitability of your roof or plot and ensure it meets your expectations. Moreover, during the survey, our experts will determine your power consumption demands, assess the available space, and perform necessary calculations such as sizing the PV modules, determining inverter sizing, battery sizing, solar charge controller sizing, and identifying any required access equipment.

3. Final Design and Quotation:
Based on the findings from the site survey, we proceed to design the layout of the solar PV panels and determine optimal locations for other components such as inverters and batteries. Then, we provide you with a detailed quotation along with the final design for your approval.

4. Installation Booking: Once you approve the design and quotation, you can secure an installation date with us. Furthermore, we handle all the necessary paperwork, ensuring a smooth process towards permanently reducing your electricity bills.

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