Subfloor Ventilation Cambridge

Subfloor Ventilation Cambridge

Subfloor Ventilation Cambridge

Ventilation systems, ventilation under the floor to get rid of rising damp.

Does your home get too wet or smell like mould and you don’t know why?

If your home doesn’t have subfloor ventilation, it could be because moisture is rising from below the floor. Moisture from the ground can rise up through your subfloor and get into your home. This can cause damp and mould, which can be bad for your health and cause damage to your home and its furniture.

How does Subfloor Ventilation work?

A Subfloor Ventilation System works by making a flow of air in the area under the floor. We do this by using a fan unit to bring in fresh air from the outside and push out air from under the floor. Depending on the area and the amount of moisture, the number of fan units can change. Our technician will tell you what the best solution is for your home when they come to see you.

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How can moisture accumulate under a home?

Depending on how the land around your house slopes, water may pool after it rains, then slowly evaporate and rise up into the house. Subfloor Ventilation works well to get rid of this moisture by letting air in and pushing it out. However, you may need to investigate drainage solutions to stop water from pooling in the first place.

With the addition of decks and more plants from gardens and shrubs, the natural cross-flow ventilation under homes can be damaged, and the humidity that is usually released from the ground can’t get out. The earth is always sending moisture into the air, and the wind spreads it around. But when a house is built on top of the ground without enough ventilation, the moisture has nowhere to go except into the building materials.


Check your house from the ground up

You can check for yourself if you can get to the area under your floor. Does the area seem wet? Does it have a musty smell? Are there signs of moisture or mould that you can see? If so, you should think about making the area more airy so that rising damp doesn’t cause problems in your home.

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