Solar Water Heating Cambridge

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Solar Water Heating Cambridge

Solar water heating systems, also called “Solar Thermal Collectors” systems, use the sun’s heat to heat water for free. You can make the water hotter or get hot water when solar energy isn’t available by using a regular boiler or immersion heater.

Solar water heating’s pros 

All year long, there is hot water. The system works all year, however, in the winter you’ll need to use a boiler or immersion heater to heat the water even more. This means less money spent on energy. Since sunlight is free, this technology can help to keep your hot water costs down, after you have paid for the installation.

Less carbon in the atmosphere. Solar hot water is a green, renewable way to heat your home. Moreover, it can help you put out less carbon dioxide.

Solar Water Heating installation Cambridge

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We as a local company in Cambridge,  provide and install Solar water heating and other eco-friendly solutions.

How do systems that heat water with the sun work?

Collectors, which are solar panels, are put on your roof as part of a solar water heating system. Thus, these soak up the sun’s heat and use it to heat water that is kept in a hot water cylinder. Moreover, as a backup, you can heat the water even more with a boiler or immersion heater to get it to the temperature you want.

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There are two different kinds of solar panels that heat water:

Evacuated tubes are a group of glass tubes that are attached to the roof tiles. Flat plate collectors that can be attached to the roof tiles or built into the roof itself. You can also set up larger solar panels so that they help heat your home in some way, but the amount of heat it gives off is usually very small, so most people don’t think it’s worth it.

Maintenance contracts are also available on an annual basis. For more information, please get in touch with us.

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Solar Water Heating Cambridge


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